Consultant's Profile

Mr.Rajnikant lad is a "Chartered Electrical Engineer", ", working in the Elevator Industry since 1983.Has good exposure to the Installation/Servicing/Contract Control/Project Management and Marketing of the Elevators. In his last assignment he was the Installation Manager with Kone Elevator India Pvt. Ltd. at Mumbai.

Mr. Lad is a member of National safety Council and is actively engaged in creating awareness among the elevator users about elevator safeties with an aim to observe Zero Human life loss during elevator travel. He is the Founder of Elevator Safety Awareness Forum for the benefit of the Elevator Users.

He is also associated with “The International Consumer Right Protection Council” for the benefit of the Elevator Users.

He has made a good contribution for the safety of the society through his numerous articles on various elevator issues. -

  • "How Safe Are You While Using An Elevator in Mumbai High rise Building"- Mumbai Mirror dated 24th July 2009.
  • "Fire in High Ruse Buildings ,The Role Of Elevators"-The Elevator World (US) July 2010 issue.
  • "Fire in High Ruse Buildings ,The Role Of Elevators"-The Elevator World India 2nd qtr. Issue.
  • "How to control unexpected Major Elevator Repair/Replacement Expenses"-The Elevator World India 1st qtr 2013 issue.
  • "Intelligent Elevator "-The Buildotech magazine September 2013 issue.
  • "Elevator Safety and Accidents - A Review".-The Elevator World India.2nd qtr 2014 issue.
  • “Why do lifts turn into safety hazard” -Mumbai Mirrior 26.6.2017 expert comments.
  • “Safety and Quality of Elevators and Escalators” Quality Edge-Construction Magazine 2nd qtr. 2017 issue.
  • "Elevators & Lifts Scaling New High" Expert opinion in The Economic Times dated 7th November 2012.
  • "The Economics Times" - Interview on Elevator safety in Mumbai Edition dated 7th November 2012.
  • "Safety Tips" -National Safety Council Annual Calendar for year 2012.
  • "Safety Tips"- National Safety Council Diary for 2014.
  • "ECE Elevator hand book" for in-house circulation of ECE employees.
  • "Maintenance trend in Indian Elevator Market" Research study as a part of research team of ValueNote Database ltd.a Pune based research organisation.